Chak’s New Release- Conjuro!

Conjuro is available online now!

Conjunro para Despertar Las Piedras- A Spell to Awaken the Stones

Conjuro is available online now!

Plataformas digitales donde puedes encontrar el Conjuro:

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Coati of Spell
According to Chak, the album “Spell to Awaken the Stones”  “was born as a little sigh. Master Ramón Iván Suarez Caamal, one of our great Mexican poets, the author of the lyrics of the hymn to Quintana Roo who was born in the Mayan community of Kalkiní, Campeche, sent me one poem he had written as an little experiment. The name of the poem was “Lullaby to Heal the Frog”. That night the verses began to dance in my head and a few hours later they became a melody, with the drums playing clearly in my head. The next morning I started to sing and I realized that it was a song. I also intuited that the message extended beyond the fact that it was a poem for children about a frog. I did a quick recording to show the Master and got an answer right away: he loved it. Then he sent me several of his books of poems for children and I started writing melodies and rhythms for the poems with a unique fluidity, as if the poems themselves told me their music and how they wanted to dance. Frankly, I had never before thought of making music for children, but when I had more than four songs, the result was not only interesting but made me realize something very important: in a time when Mexico, and indeed the entire world, experiences so much violence and confusion, singing to children with such beautiful and magical lyrics is healing and powerful. Conjuro para Despertar a Las Piedras is ultimately a message of hope and beauty for our future generations. Of course, the music of “Spell to Awaken Stones” is not just for children. These melodies are sophisticated enough to appeal to all. We believe they will speak to anyone who believes in peace, family unity, and the development of a positive individual and identity.”

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