The Band

Chak Carlitos, Lead Vocals and Guitar

Chak, whose adopted name means “Red” in one of the many Mayan dialects, was very influenced by both nature and the Mayan culture of the area. As a teenager, he left traditional education to go to Cuba where somebody gave him a guitar as a gift. This immediately focused his life’s path on his love for music. He wrote more than 30 songs with his new instrument, and with the help of some peers from his native Cancun, he started singing at the beach and on the streets of Tulum, Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen.  He was discovered at a bar in the trendy Condesa area of Mexico City by a well-known Italian keyboardist and songwriter, Ettore Grenci. Grenci arranged for him to record his first album, realeased on Sony, with well-seasoned Italian musicians like Francesco Chiari (bass), and Fernando Pantini (guitar) musicians.

Chak proudly represents his Mexican and Caribbean roots with songs like “Lo Que Vino”. He just performed at the legendary “Sunset Sessions” in Tulum Mexico and  is currently at work on a new album

Bio picture


Rodragon Spektral (Rodrigo Lopez) Guitar and Vocal

Rodragon Spektral has played his guitar in the streets and cafés, and on the stages in far-flung places, and his music reflects that fact. In his chords you will hear the resonance, not only of his native Mexico, but also of Paris and Barcelona, Bogota and the Caribbean. His playing connects his audiences with the passion and intensity of Flamenco and the gypsy troubadours, with the rawness of Cumbia. After participating in the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and  several years of playing on the stages of France and Colombia, Rodragon returned to his native Quintana Roo and has been performing in Tulum and other parts of the Riviera Maya. Rodragon and Chak have been friends for over 20 years and that enables them to riff off of each other intuitively, enhancing the intensity of the music.

Rodrigo (1)

Photo: Luna Life Photography


Mariana Cuspinera, Bass and Vocals

Mariana Cuspinera is a bass player and singer born in Cancun. She began studying piano, and then acoustic and electric guitar, and later on she started playing bass guitar as her principal instrument. Mariana has participated with several musical projects in Cancun and surrounding areas, like “Saltimbanqui”, “Manglares”, “Pink Noise” and “Chak”.



Jonathan Hernandez,Percussion 

Jonathan Hernandez taught himself to play drums as a teenager living in Mexico City. As his skill as a percussionist grew, he became interested in the music of West Africa and studied at the international level with noted percussionists. His playing combines the flavor of his Latin roots with the complex rhythms of Africa. He has performed at festivals throughout Mexico, Spain and Austria. Currently he is playing in Tulum and the Riviera Maya with Chaklive! 


2 thoughts on “The Band

  1. El guitarrista Rodragon., toca la guitarra de la manera mas hermosa ., logra hacerte vibrar ., al igual que vibra la guitarra que pareciera hablar con los sonidos y ritmos !
    Yo lo puedo escuchar todos lods dias y cada dia le descubro mas belleza!!
    Amor y Bendiciones!! Cosechando sus esfuerzos con tantos triunfos!!
    Se los recomiendo ampliamente , este grupo , esta banda los hara sentir y vibrar la pasion que transmiten
    Ellos al tocar!!

  2. Que bonita la presentacion y fotografia ., muy interesante todo lo que han logrado., todos y cada uno de Ellos., les deseo el mayor de los triunfos y que sigan disfrutando y celebrando ,todos los exitos!!

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